FLO’s 4th Annual Day of Helping (#FLODAY2019) at the Under Armour House At Fayette on Saturday, April 6, 2019 was very successful! This event lovingly commemorated the 6th anniversary of the passing of Florence “FLO” EgbireMolen, who is the heartfelt inspiration and call to action to serve the community.

We reached out to over 500 people that comprised of 205 men; 156 women; 55 children, 65 veterans and 27 disables.

So many thank yous to go around but it was truly God’s glory in the work. Special thank you to the Under Armour House and Living Classrooms for allowing FLO host this great event at their venue.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, thank you to all of our service providers for being part of our event and the continuous work they do for the residences of Baltimore, huge thank you to all our volunteers who made our event possible.

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