4th Annual Winter Coat Drive Wellness Fair

4th Annual Winter Coat Drive / Wellness Fair

FLO’s 4th Annual Winter Coat Drive and Wellness Fair held November 9th at the Living Classrooms/ Under Armour was gigantic and very memorable. The line for people waiting to receive free coats, clothes, food and free services was massive. Over 3200 community members attended our event. The Mayor of Baltimore Jack Young, as well as Councilman Leon Pinkett and Councilman Robert Stokes were in attendance. We received media coverage from WMAR-2 News Baltimore, WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore, WBFF Fox45 and WJZ Our event was very impactful, Conscious Heads Bootcamp Barbering School provided 47 free haircuts to community members, University of Maryland School of Dentistry offered free dental service to 30 attendees and in addition distributed giveaway dental kits to community members who visited their booth. The Power Project of Chase Brexton Healthcare were able to provide 10 HIV Tests and 7 Hep C Test, Maryland Legal Aid attended to 30 clients and completed 210 petitions for expungements, United Way of Central Maryland provided 60 community members with temporary IDs, London Disability was able to get 14 attendees to sign up for social security disability assistance, over 1200 coats was raised and distributed out to community members and so much more. Huge thanks to our sponsors, services providers, volunteers and The living Classrooms / Under Armour House. #FLO #flogiving