Apprenticeship Program

In 2019 FLO developed a program that provides and delivers furniture to low-income homes. As a result, an opportunity for apprenticeship was created. The FLO apprenticeship program employs men from hardships to assist with the furniture program. Individualized training plans and timelines are designed for each man and key milestones are identified to help equip them for employment, housing, and stability upon the completion of this program. The Apprentices receive employment and training to become competent in transportation, coordination, restoration, packing and storage of items, customer service and project management. 


FLO collaborates with shelters and several recovery centers. FLO teams up with case managers from these centers to find men who qualify for the apprenticeship program. Based on the needs of FLO and the men in treatment, candidates are matched to help restore, wrap, load, and move furniture. These collaborations not only help the organization’s mission of furnishing homes in need, but also enhance the men’s experience by teaching them job skills and self-sufficiency. FLO is working together with these centers to break their cycles of homelessness or addiction through job training and meaningful work. 


The FLO Apprenticeship Program is designed to train and uplift men with employment, craftsman, and moving skills. In addition to fundraising for this program, the intention is for it to grow into a microbusiness. Many men graduate from this program and desire to stay connected to the mission of FLO.  


FLO’s hope is to cater to that desire and build a moving business that will both employ these men and fund the continuation of the programs at FLO.