FLO 2nd Annual Pre-Mother’s Day Brunch

FLO’s 2nd Annual Pre-Mother’s Day Brunch on May 5 at Mt.Vernon Place United Methodist Church was filled with so much happiness, emotions, laughter, celebration, encouragement, prayers, inspiration, hope, and gratitude.

So many thank yous to go around but it was truly God’s blessings to make the mothers and mother figures experiencing hardship in our community feel recognized, appreciated and loved. Special thank you to Pastor Laura of Mt. Vernon Place United Methodist Church¬†for allowing FLO, to host this great event at her church.

Thank you to the Mayor’s Office, Director of Community Engagement, Alexandra Smith for being in attendance and showing her support for FLO’s work in the community.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, thank you to the shelters and recovery centers who partnered with us, thank you to all our service providers for being part of our event and the continuous work, they do for the residences of Baltimore, special thank you to our guest speakers, Determined, Empowered, and Motivated Women of Baltimore, Deborah Franklin, all the Baltimore City Police Chaplains that attended, Rev. Dr.Arnetha Bowens for closing out our event with a powerful message and prayer of hope to the women in our community and finally thank you to all our volunteers who made our event possible.

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