FLO’s 3rd Annual Winter Coat Drive and Wellness Fair

FLO’s Third Annual Winter Coat Drive / Wellness Fair

FLO’s 3rd Annual Winter Coat Drive and Wellness Fair at the Under Armour House Saturday, November 10, 2018 was extraordinary, totally magical!!!! We reached out to over 1600 people. Our event was very impactful Concious Heads Bootcamp Barbering School provided 65 free hair cuts to community members, University of Maryland School of Dentistry offered free dental service to 61 attendees, United Way of Central Maryland provided 41 community members with ID assistances, Maryland Public Defender offered over 40 community members expungement and London Disability was able to get 19 attendees to sign up for social security disability assistance and 1 person for medicaid. So many thank yous to go around but it was truly God’s glory in the work. Special thank you to the Mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh for presenting FLO with the Certificate of Recognition for our 3rd Annual Winter Coat Drive and Wellness Fair, Huge thanks to the Under Armour House and Living Classrooms for allowing FLO host this great event for the 2nd year in a row at their venue. Thank you to all of our sponsors. Thank you to all our service providers for being part of our event and the continuous work, they do for the residences of Baltimore. Huge thank you to all of our volunteers who made our event possible.