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Artscape Week

Very fruitful ending to FLO’s Artscape weekend.
Big thank you, to all the youths who staffed our booth all weekend long, thank you for your service.

Thank you to all the parents who bought their kids to our booth to learn about our mssion, to draw, paint and write words of inspiration for the the less fortunate. Many of the parents were so excited and grateful their kids was part of something  that would be an inspiration to others.
As one of the parents told one of our staff “It is the good, we teach our children that molds them into the person they become.”

Special thank you to Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts for having us in attendance, we looking forward to being a part of Artscape next year again. Huge thanks to all of FLO’s coordinators, Carmen Stone Roberts, Jennifer Swensen and Vera Grinage for orchestrating smooth shifts.