FLO’s Programs

FLO moves into the Baltimore metro areas that are experiencing the most hardship and hopelessness. Our mobile outreach team is on the front line of helping people who are in need. Every week, our team goes directly to homeless encampments, parks, sidewalks, abandoned homes, underpasses and the streets of Baltimore Metro area to provide services to people who are without housing. Please see our map for more comprehensive details on areas, we serve each week.

The services the outreach team provides are twofold:

First, the team assists people who are homeless with basic needs, providing warm meals, bagged gift bag with healthy snacks, informational pamphlets from other organizations that serve the homeless and needy, providing a tangible resource, bottles of water, hygiene kits, clothes, and other supplies they need to stay as safe and healthy as possible. It is our organization’s aim to reach up to 200 persons each week with a gift bag.

Second, the team connects participants with services to improve their long-term situation. We assist people in preparing housing applications, getting IDs and other documentation, traveling to service appointments, applying for employment and/or benefits, and addressing other needs. We also partner with health care providers and other local service agencies to have their staff “ride along” with us and provide services to people where they are.

FLO assist individuals experiencing hardship challenges like domestic violence, formerly homeless, natural
disasters, low income senior citizens and other severe life challenges with furniture. The furniture will help create a dignified setting for those in need, it enables them to get established and achieve stability in their new or existing home.

We accept clients through referrals from other agencies or other independent sponsors such as a church, health care provider, other organization and previous clients from our outreach program. We request proof of income and inspect the home of the prospective client before delivery of the furniture.

FLO provides assistance with backpacks, school supplies, uniforms, winter essentials, clothes, hygiene kits and snacks to Baltimore City Public School students. In addition, through our partnership with organizations offer free services to students and families of those schools.

The supplies offered to the students will help them to be successful at school. This service plant a seed of hope in the hearts and minds of the individuals that we serve. For the children, the service instill confidence, because it quells some of their anxiety, knowing that inspite of their hardships, they will walk into school with supplies that they need for class.

FLO host 4 annual events. At these events, FLO will provide homeless individuals, families in need, and veterans living in shelters with hot meals, clothes, toiletries/supplies, haircuts, vital services such as blood pressure, HIV screenings, Dental services, Criminal expungement, ID assistance, Housing, information and access to other resources such as employment preparation and other opportunities. These are very important step on the road to
success and self-sufficiency. Meeting and exceeding a great need through the provision of items and support increases confidence and feelings of a semblance of stability and could increase desires to become prepared for gaining job skills and/or job-seeking. FLO is committed to instilling hope and proactive about providing resources and services that restore confidence in individuals and families experiencing hardships and/or homelessness and
supports them on their path to self-sufficiency in Baltimore City.


1. FLO Day of Helping
2. Pre-Mother’s Day Brunch
3. Baltimore Homeless and Community Resource Festival
4. Winter Coat Drive and Wellness Fair.